Beach life benefits of Puerto Vallarta

Emerald green mountains, pristine beaches and magnificent sunsets are some of the many benefits of living along the coast of the Mexican Riviera. Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, a short and convenient flight from many North American cities.

Outdoor Activities

Living by the sea offers a wide variety of experiences, from the peaceful and relaxing to adrenaline charged outdoor adventures. Choose from outdoor activities including swimming, surfing, waterfall hikes, fishing, stand up paddleboard, horseback riding and kayaking. For thrill junkies, there are zip lines, bungie jumping and off-road jungle excursions including the world’s longest extension bridge. Looking for something more mellow? A trip to the Vallarta Botanical Gardens should provide you with all the serenity you crave.


The sound of the waves and the ocean breeze can be very calming, providing a peaceful environment for relaxation and stress relief. Being close to nature and the outdoors can also improve mental health and reduce stress. So, wiggle your toes into the sand and feel the grounding energy of the earth.


Living by the beach offers stunning views of the ocean and surrounding landscape, which can be very aesthetically pleasing and good for the soul. Take a walk through the vibrant downtown Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta, a hike into the jungle or a water taxi to the beaches of the South Shore, accessible only by water.

Community beachfront communities often have a strong sense of community, with many opportunities to socialize and meet new people. This can be especially important for retirees or those who may feel isolated in other living situations.

Health benefits

Living near the ocean can offer health benefits such as “jungle bathing”, exposure to natural light, and increased opportunities for physical activity. Just a brisk walk in the Romantic Zone or along the famous Malecon can help you burn off the amazing meals you will eat and get your daily vitamin D dose!

 Vacation-like lifestyle

Living on the beach can feel like being on vacation every day, providing a relaxed and carefree lifestyle. Just remember, you’re a resident not a tourist so margaritas everyday can get you into trouble!

Potential for property value appreciation

Beachfront and oceanfront properties tend to hold their value and appreciate over time, making them a potentially good investment. And gazing at the ocean is always easy on the eyes😊.

Tourism Business Opportunities

Living by the beach can provide opportunities to start a business in the tourism industry, such as running a beachside restaurant, renting out beach houses, or offering water sports equipment rentals.

Foodies Paradise

Freshly-caught seafood, locally-grown produce, and tempting Mexican dishes to savor, Vallarta is full of restaurants to discover. There are an abundance of restaurants featuring Italian, French, Thai, Asian fusion, Greek, Caribbean…whatever you’re craving, you’ll find it here. Young chefs from all over Mexico, are attracted by the scene in Vallarta and are opening new and innovative establishments with amazing contemporary Mexican food.

Overall, living by the beach can provide a unique and enjoyable lifestyle with a range of benefits for physical and mental health, social connections, and overall quality of life. Are you looking for the home of your dreams by the sea? Consider contacting one of our agents of come by the office! We’ve got the AC on and ice-cold water, crisp chardonnay and even tequila!

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