Fun Mexican New Year Traditions

After living in Puerto Vallarta for a few years, we have learned that the holiday season in Mexico is a joyous occasion filled with traditions, color, food and family gatherings. And, New Year’s Eve is no different, bringing a lot of rituals believed to bring good luck, prosperity and love in the coming year. Here are some of our favorites!

Eat 12 Grapes for Good Luck

One of the most famous NYE’s eve rituals is to eat 12 grapes and make 12 wishes within the first 12 seconds of the New Year. Make sure you decide on your wishes well in advance (it can be tricky trying to think and eat at the same time) as it is said that if you successfully eat your 12 grapes, your 12 wishes will come true, and you’ll have good luck throughout the year.

Burn Candles for Abundance

Place two or three candles on a white plate with seeds such as rice, beans, lentils, flour and a cinnamon stick. Leave the candles to melt through the night of December 31 and then the next day, bury the remaining waxy foods in your house; this is supposed to bring abundance.

Lentils for Good Fortune

Lentils are heavily associated with good fortune and abundance in Mexico. The original tradition says to leave them outside your door on December 31 and more modern twists say you can stick a handful in your pocket, eat a spoonful before midnight or have friends toss some at you for good fortune.

Sweep Coins for Prosperity

At midnight, sweep the dirt off your front door, throw 12 coins onto the ground and sweep them back into your house to bring you wealth and prosperity.

Walk the Suitcase for Travel

At midnight, grab your suitcase and do a quick walk around the block If you want a year filled with travel and adventure. Don’t worry, you don’t really need to pack, an empty suitcase will work too!

Wear Red for Love

Wonder why you have been seeing so many red and yellow panties in the shops lately? One of the most practiced New Year’s traditions is to wear colored underwear depending on what you want to attract in the New Year:

· White: Peace, hope, harmony and health
· Orange: Enthusiasm, vitality
· Green: Hope, health and calm
· Red: Love, passion and strength.
· Yellow: Money, business, prosperity and abundance
· Blue: Wisdom and balance
· Black: Luxury, power, leadership positions

Or you can wear them all and cover all your bases!

No matter what tradition you choose to follow, we all at Warren Brander Realty Group wish you a healthy, wealthy and Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

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