A Quick Guide to Mexico’s Health Care System

For anyone moving to Mexico, the issue of health care is important, and the Mexican health care system is unlike that in Canada or the USA. Rather, Mexico has a mixture of socialized and private care medicine, in a system comprised of four parts:

  • Seguro Popular: a universal health care plan paid by the government to cover the self-employed, under-employed or unemployed.
  • IMSS: this plan is automatically provided to anyone working for a Mexican company with the cost of coverage shared by the employee, employer and the government. Foreign residents may also voluntarily apply for coverage through IMSS.
  • ISSTE: health care for government workers, paid by both the employee and the government.
  • Private Health Care: although all doctors in Mexico must provide service hours working in the public hospitals, most foreigners living in Mexico purchase health insurance to access the private health care system, as wait times and facilities are often preferable in the private medical system.

It should be noted that private hospitals in Mexico do not accept international health insurance upfront, and payment for service is required prior to release from the hospital. However, the hospital will provide all the paperwork required to receive a reimbursement from your private insurer, but it is important to be clear about what your private health insurance covers.

High quality, accessible and affordable health care is one of the reasons Puerto Vallarta is a top choice for foreigners moving to Mexico, and with a range of insurance options available, there is a system for every budget and need.

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