Top Five Places To Eat With Kids in Puerto Vallarta 

Puerto Vallarta has a reputation for playing host to some of the best restaurants in Mexico. From fine dining to taco stands and street vendors, all cooking up a storm of delights and melt-in-the-mouth flavors for every palate imaginable. There’s something for everyone, every taste, and for all ages. 

For discerning parents who want to treat their children to a meal out that doesn’t involve unhealthy fast foods, here’s a list of our favorite places in Puerto Vallarta to eat with kids. 

Fredys Tucan: Boasting not one but two restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, Fredys Tucan has been serving customers since 1981. With more than 50 different breakfasts to choose from including some of the best pancakes, waffles and French bread in town, you and your kids will love it. 

Panchos Takos: Everyone likes tacos, and as kids love to use their hands, what better way to enjoy lunch or dinner than savoring the best finger food in town. Pancho’s Takos is situated in the heart of the Romantic Zone where street performers entertain you and your kids whilst you eat. 

Oregano: Caribbean food at its finest, your kids will love the stewed spicy chicken wings or the Caribbean curry. Even better is the resident pet pig called Tako, who’ll amuse your little ones whilst you enjoy a glass of fine wine. 

Lukumbe Restaurant: Fantastic for younger kids, Lukumbe keeps your children busy with an inflatable bouncy, toy room, and trampoline. The wide-ranging menu is also delicious. 

Lix Homemade Ice Cream: Situated just a few doors from Pancho’s Takos, what better way to cool off, or end your evening with ice cream from Lix. You’ll want to try their special salted caramel flavor. Simply delectable. 

Puerto Vallarta is certainly not short of family-friendly restaurants. The Mexican culture is very accepting of children and in any Puerto Vallarta restaurant, servers will make a special effort to accommodate families and have suggestions for picky eaters, making dining out as a family an easy and enjoyable experience. 

If you and your family are ready to make the move to our beautiful city, please contact our founders Greg or Warren and they will tell you how they did it!  

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