Pet Friendly Condos Puerto Vallarta

Pet Friendly Condos Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is probably the most pet friendly city I have ever lived in. Most of the people here seem to have a furry child and take them with them everywhere. I myself have three (the two legged children caught me at a weak moment). Is it because there are so many strays that need help or because the demographics of most expats living here means the kids are grown up and they now have ones with four legs, who knows. But the reality is this is really a pet friendly place. So what shocks me then is that some condos are putting in bylaws not allowing pets. While I do understand that pets can make noise or there are some owners that don’t contain or train their pets as they should be, these issues can be dealt with through bylaws. For example, in my building we have a three complaint rule. Essentially if an animal gets three complaints from three different owners then the owner is fined and if it continues the animal most be removed. Making the condominium building not pet friendly eliminates so many potential buyers that it really makes selling the condos harder. Probably over 60% of my potential buying clients want the place to be pet friendly. This coupled with the buyer’s understanding that it will be harder to resell their condo when they do (even if they don’t have pets) makes the sale of these condos really a tough sale. So if you are thinking about voting for your condo to not allow pets, I would caution you if you are ever considering selling. Instead contemplate some bylaws to deal with negligent pet owners that are fair for all and that ensure all of you can live in harmony.

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