End to Electricity bills

In the past I used to wait with intrepidness for the middle of the month. That was when we would see how much of a power hog my family had been and how much it would hurt my bank account. Despite being very diligent about turning off lights and appliances when not in use, it seems as my children grow up the demand for power for computers, game consoles and iPads just kept going up. Because of our use pattern, we ended up being in DAC, the highest rate you can be charged. Without getting into the details of how electricity rates are calculated in Mexico, essentially the government subsidizes you until you become a high user and then your rates go up a lot. Seeing no way to decrease our usage any further, we either had to suck it up or look for a cheaper source of electricity. Being in Puerto Vallarta, with almost 365 days of sunshine, the choice was obvious – Solar. A quick call to Cody St. John at eSun and we had a quote and it was ready to be installed immediately. That was in Jan. 2014 and since then we have not had an electricity bill over $100 pesos in a month (we used to be over $4000 Pesos a month). My neighbour has done the same and now we both have a friendly competition to see who has the lowest bill and so far we are neck in neck. Based on the first year of operation we should both have a three year payback on our investment. And I can only imagine this is going to be a huge selling feature should we sell.

For information about converting your current place to Solar, contact Cody St. John with eSun at cody@esunenergy.com

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